Am./Can. Ch. Lydgate Lawbreaker
Am./Can. Ch. Lydgate Lawbreaker
The sire of over 50 Champions!
Ch. Fairwinds So Fine
Ch. Micadee's Mr. Meaner
Ch. Gammon's I Love Lucy
Ch. Gina's Mardi Gras II
Ch. Gina's Meadow Sweet
Ch. Gammon's Lawman of Handipt
Ch. Lydgate Letter of the Law
Ch. K-Line Without A Trace
Ch. Gina's Mon Amie
Ch. Gina's Montant Le Roi
Ch. K-Line's Without-A-Doubt
Ch. Gammon N' Damon's Geez Louise
Ch. Gammon's Somerset Nite N Gale
Ch. Lydgate Leatherstockings
Ch. Senrab's Bold N' Beautiful
Ch. Benaughty Lydgate Lick'em
Ch. Debutantes Social Circle
Ch. Black River Break The Bank
Ch. Lydgate Line of Fire
Ch. Debutantes Black Tie Affair
Ch. Searidge Miss Alleged
Ch. Searidge See You At Davis
Ch. Tapestry's Fata Morgana
Ch. Tapestry's First Knight
Ch. Tapestry's King Aurthur
Ch. Smytholm's In Love With Amy
Ch. Tapestry's Lady of Lyonesse
Ch. Somersets Guilty As Sin
Ch. Mark Times Clear Present Danger
Ch. Mark Times Trial By Fire
Ch. Ashwoods Fools Gold
Ch. Ashwoods Fool Hearted
Ch. Ashwoods Foolish Pleasure
Ch. Ashwoods Foolish Games
Ch. Tis Days Lydgate Legal Issue
Am./Can. Ch. Bocar's She Broke The Law
Ch. Tis Days Home Rule
Ch. Lydgate Lookin For Trouble
Ch. Smytholm's No Nonsense
Ch. Lydgate Lack of Evidence
Ch. Lydgate Leaps N' Bounds
Ch. Smytholm's Awesome Albert
Am./Can. Ch. Lydgate Looking Good
Ch. Cedar Ledge Moving Citation
Ch. Cedar Ledge Lydgate Latte Da
Ch. Crystalyn's Special Assignment
Ch. Glen Royal's Lady of the Knight
Ch. Glen Royal's Lydgate Knightlace
Ch. Kaibab's Pearl Of Great Price
Ch. Glen Royal's Summer Hill
Ch. Glen Royal's Autumn Rose
Ch. Cedar Ledge Lydgate Lawless
Am./Can. Ch. Cedar Ledge Crime Scene

Int., Luxemburg, German, Belgium, Dutch Ch. Chicomy's Make My Day
4/18/1991 to 9/7/2006